Campaign Press Kit

Bartlett for President
I am the proud son of a veteran and a second generation American who achieved the American dream despite many obstacles. I started as a poor factory worker struggling to pay my way through college at Ohio State University. Later I continued my education at Harvard Medical School, saved lives, and then pursued a life in politics. Working my way up through the ranks from governor to become the Democratic Presidential Candidate. I am blessed with three beautiful children, and I am dedicated to creating a better future for America’s future generations.

As your next president, I will work to break the obstacles that working class citizens, minorities, and the LGBTQ community faces. Americans deserve equal opportunities. Let’s empower all to achieve the American dream.

Candidate: Drake “Bartlett”
Campaign Manager: Matt
Media Specialists: Steffen, Adoba
Communications: Lindsey
Fundraising Directors: Tamara, Alex

Rinehart for President
I Heart America. Rinehart America.