Coup over

Coup over. Reports of mass reprisal. Untold number dead and missing. Obama issues warning but it’s unclear how that will effect the situation on the ground.

Coup enters second day

The international community is confident the Russian nuclear stockpile is secure. Rebels in control of presidential palace. No word on Putin. Russian troops are massing along Chechen boarder signaling Putin is still in control and coup may be originating from this region.

GOP Base Discontent?

AM radio is losing it over Rineharts “bleeding heart sentimentalism.” Analysts like Rinehart’s move at compassionate conservatism, but his base isn’t sold. It remains unclear the effect on his fundraising.

Teamsters, AFL-CIO to dump Bartlett?

Declining blue collar wages and, what Rinehart campaign operatives describes as, Bartlett’s “open boarder policy” ignite discontent among labor. “How can we expect to earn a living wage when immigrants will work for so little” says Debby Dobbs, a UAW worker in Ohio.